Terms and Conditions

Misservices Inc assures you to provide 100% deals but you all know confirm deals comes to your table in same way the way complete food comes to your table to eat only when proper spices, proper heat and with proper elements which is required to make food if received, if any of those elements will be missing no one can expect complete food on TABLE.

Same way CONFIRM DEAL comes to your table when below condition from Supplier is Matched, So just by paying and saying give me confirm Deal work is not over. The main element that we need from your end to close the deal is your support.

Supplier should have to give proper respond to the buyer whenever they asked to do so. Proper follow up needs to be there.

Misservices Inc does not arrange conference call to international buyers in buyer connect service. We serve this facility only with domestic clients.

Payment terms should be decided between the buyers and sellers and you both must agree upon it. Whatever the supplier needs for closing the deals in terms of payment or L/C issue, the buyer must agree upon it or the little bit negotiation could be possible between both parties.  Misservices Inc is not a part of negotiation between both parties.

If buyer refer to you for PDC cheque and you agree with PDC cheque so  Misservices Inc will not give any kind of assurity of payment terms. Whatever PDC cheque or any kind of payment mode, if your PDC cheque will not clear at that time you can’t blame to  Misservices Inc. For this you will talk to your buyer and clear all the things in front of buyers.

Product is not ready: Buyer must give some time to the supplier in order to complete the deal. If the products are not available on the spot, the supplier have to manufacture it and it’ll take few days.

There should be proper coordination between the buyer and the supplier. If there wouldn’t be any coordination just imagine how the deal will be closed.

Our main focus is to get connected a supplier to the buyer for closing deals. It can be Domestic & International. We are providing you the deals not only in india but across the world. Deals should be open for both preferences.

Supplier should give us time to make contact and provide you the right buyers for your requirements. We can provide you the buyer on instant basis but if you have some preferences that you must give us time to find the best buyer for that preference.

We Provides deals on national and international basis. You must open for the deals PAN India as well as from different parts of world. We can’t stick to provide you the buyer from your city or state. You can tell us your preference, but then it results into more time. You should have patience if you need the buyer according to your preference.

If the Order is Placed once with your Confirmation it can’t be Cancelled as it Promptly moves for further Processing.

Buyer connection work is only and only done by our support phone numbers. Any buyer connect done by any other numbers is not allowed from  Misservices Inc

so if you get any buyer connect from others number immediately contact our support team at Contact@misservices.us within 24 hour, if not received mail within 24 hour,  Misservices Inc will not responsible.